Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Damn Shmamit! They 'Fixed' Goldstream Rd.

Those who occasionally frequent this blog may recall that earlier this month, I posted an amusing (to me at least) set of photos detailing the inspired graffiti on the east stretch of Goldstream Road.

Specifically, The Worst Pavement in All Christendom.

Well, dammit, they 'fixed' the wrong damn end!*

It is generally understood by Goldstream Valley residents, H20-possessing and the high-and-dry alike, that Goldstream Road sucks. It is a pain-in-the-ass to maintain what with the frost heaves and such. I get that. And I did sing the praises of the road guys when they finally fixed the stretch by Ivory Rd. where I had launched my Soob on occasions when I forgot to slow down. Nice pavement there, people.

But why did they screw around with several stretches heading west from Ballaine? Sure, the road sucked, we've established that fact, and it was a pretty teeth-rattling experience to drive it in a Soob with questionable shocks, but it was driveable.

And when I say screwed around with, I mean they had flaggers on that western portion for DAYS and all we got out of those hold ups were new gravel sections. Not paved, as they were previously, but freaking gravel.

Guess who got 2 huge cracks put into my 8 month old windshield in less than 24 hours from flying freaking gravel. How is going to gravel an improvement??

* Fixed, in the loosest possible sense.

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