Saturday, July 15, 2006

Road Trip v.2: Anchorage, Ninilchik, Kasilof

Hey y'all, it's been a while and while I've been off roadtripping and carrying on like a Nomeite, I've missed out on all the fun.

By which I mean: Uncle Ted and The Tube, Some crazy Alaskan Democrat wanting to prevent gay people from being foster parents, the Republican Debate, aka, Nobody Likes Murkowski, Even People from His Own Party Slamfest, and Atlantic salmon being caught down at Kasilof.

Many pics to post, much opining to do, but first I must go do battle with Lowe's, one of those damned box stores. Turns out several items are missing from the box that contains my new stove - and I have to deal with customer service. What are the odds I'll meet an unsympathetic corporate wall?

Perhaps you can guess how absolutely frustrating it is to have a new stove in your cabin, but lack the manual and the freaking burning thingies -- making your new stove unusuable and forcing you to still cook on the abomination known as the Toastmaster 1500.

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