Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The News Minus Does Investigative Reporting

Pinch me, I must be dreaming

This writer cannot remember the last time the News Minus did anything that could be remotely construed as investigative reporting - maybe that time a few years back when Rick Solie was pulled over by the Campus Gestapo for being a bit toasted, they did a couple of feeble FOIA attempts, but that is about all I can dredge up from my memories of years of unmemorable reporting (hilarious gaffes excepted).

But - whoa - a four part series on the Hayeses - who have "allegedly" misspent quite a lot of federal booty that they obtained through earmarks and federal grants? This is awesome. Sunday last when I saw Part One splashed across Page One, I feared the worst: a superficial whitewash highlighting the sterling qualities of the Mr. and Mrs., but Rod Boyce delivers. This is a rocking good read, and I recommend it to those that have given up on the News Minus in disgust.

So far my favorite aspects of this are:
  1. The Hayes' son worked as an aide to Ted Stevens, but nope, he didnt have a thing to do with the earmarks that went to Love Social Services, Inc.
  2. In the various federal grants that Love Social Services Inc. applied for (and received), they proposed purchasing enough computers and related equipment to man NASA's Mission Control (but that only about a dozen seem to actually have been purchased), and
  3. The timing of all these bountiful earmarks and grants occured about the same time that Jim Hayes was exiting his $75K/year job as City Mayor, creating a smooth transition for Mrs. Hayes to depart her lower-paying position at ACS to become Executive Director of Love Social Services, Inc. --- which according to records obtained by the News Minus, provided much enhanced compensation*.

I just can't wait til the trial!!!

* perhaps " fleecing" would be a more accurate term; of course at this point in time, its alleged "fleecing".

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