Thursday, March 29, 2007

Reeked Pigeon

Urban survival at its finest
OK - so admittedly, this technique may not have much applicability for Squarebanks (although we do have pigeons) - however you never know when a cabin dweller might find themselves hungry and low on cash in an urban jungle. I learned this ghetto tip living in a 5-story tenement in Spanish Harlem.

Reeked Pigeon
1 wire coat hanger, opened to its fullest, with one end fashioned into a narrow, long hook
2 adjoining tenement windows
1 bag bird seed or several cups of bread or cracker crumbs
1 stool or low chair, the more comfortable the better

Choose window in tenement. Open window and scatter bait on outside sill, close window. Open adjacent window about 10 to 12 inches and position stool so that one can see the other window sill. Snake coat hanger out of opened window, making sure it is long enough to reach bait on other sill and that it is tight against building side. Position hook to face outwards. Wait patiently. When pigeons land, allow them time to feed and relax. With smooth motion and without raising coat hanger, quickly jerk hook around legs of a feeding pigeon, and pull pigeon into adjoining window.

Dispatch using favorite method.

Wait about 10 to 15 minutes until pigeons calm down and return. Repeat as necessary to get required number of birds. May be substituted in any recipe calling for squab, Cornish game hens, ptarmigan, quail or other small game birds.


Ishmael said...

You have pigeons in Fairbanks? Wow. I was shocked when I found them here in Kodiak a couple years ago. There are none in Kenai.

Harvesting pigeons comes with the blessing of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, by the way. Listed as Rock Doves in the hunting regs, there is no closed season or bag limit for them.

FlictheBic said...

Why yes we do have pigeons, er, rock doves in Fairbanks...those that escape the long arm of the hook...