Friday, March 02, 2007

When the man acts like a dog, get a dog that acts like a man

So – fueled by the POW collection, and goaded by CabinDweller threatening to begin quoting chapter and verse from the Compendium (I), I focused my energies away from pining for a certain someone, and instead, found a cutie pie at the local shelter. This is not the first time, nor is it likely to be the last, that I have found canines to be really good replacements for relationships that went paws up, despite both parties’ best intentions to avoid the train wreck. In my case, as CabinDweller would concur, I had taken up residence in the tunnel and was regularly getting run over by the Metroliner.

It was time to make a change – so I picked up the handsome fella a few days back. He’s a loyal boy, always comes back, doesn’t cat around, likes to cuddle, and have his ears scratched. He’s an easy keeper compared to some, and will likely stay the course for a lot longer than his human counterparts.

To the POW list I would also add “Coin-Operated Boy” by the Dresden Dolls; although its not technically a break-up song, it does offer a viable alternative to those who have found the real-live thing to be at times troublesome and for all of those who after a very long and tiring day, just wished they came with an on/off switch…sort of like a Data. Data always was my favorite on Next Generation….hmmmmm, that’s probably telling.

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Super Smooth ANDY-G said...

Hey Flic, you can google that and order Data online. Though they're not as warm as an orange handsome friend you got there. Hang in there Flic..