Friday, March 30, 2007

Spring Soon! Playlist

13 hours + long days? Check. Temps waaay up into the 30s? Check. Full blown Manic Affective Disorder*? Check.

1. Ivanka, Imperial Teen
2. So Sweet, The Hands
3. It's You, PJ Harvey
4. My Little Brother, Art Brut
5. Non-Stop, Whitey
6. The Privileged Few, The Arm
7. Can You Feel It?, Apples in Stereo
8. Way Out, Yeah Yeah Yeahs
9. Howl, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
10. Not That Social, The Von Bondies
11. Hot, The Minds
12. Seventeen Devils, The Starlight Mints
13. Starting Five, Dios
14. The Warning, Hot Chip
15. End of Summer, Masonic
16. In the Fields of (Lonely Fences), Languis
17. Underwater (You and Me), Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
18. I.C.E., Antibalas featuring Afrobeat Orchestra
19. Rehab, Amy Winehouse

*I'm determined to get this one recognized. The opposite of SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, well-publicized winter problem upon which many a light box sale has occurred. Turns out they sort of recognize MAD, and honestly, the signs and symptoms don't sound that bad.

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