Sunday, March 09, 2008

Great Jeebus! I'm Melting!

Holy moley, my people, did I fall asleep and wake up in Southeast?

Who turned on the heat?

Temperatures in this neck of the woods, a.k.a. Squarebanks, have been topping 40 degrees during the day. Some of you folks unfortunate-enough-to-live-elsewhere might wonder why I am complaining. There are several reasons why this sucks:
  1. I had to plug in my outside freezer.
  2. All the little frozen dog bombs I missed in the yard during the serious winter months are now exposed.
  3. The outhouse is no longer odor-free.
  4. My beer no longer stays perfectly cold when I put it by the door. (Inside the cabin.)
  5. It cools back down below freezing at night - so all that melt turns into a crust of ice. And it's embarassing to fall down in your front yard, not to mention dangerous on the roads.
  6. March is traditionally the best month of winter. Meaning we have lots of daylight without severe temperatures. Meaning we have excellent snow conditions for skiing, skijoring and mushing. This melt-thaw-melt thing going on out there is seriously screwing with the best month of winter.
Am I the only one out there desperately hoping for another cold snap and a fresh batch of snow?

1 comment:

Ishmael said...

Yes. Yes you are the only one wishing for another cold snap and a fresh batch of snow.

But seriously, what up with the melting?