Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'd Blog About It, If I Could Only Concentrate

(zap, crackle) This past year has been full of lessons learned - such as never get involved with someone who has 275 convictions in the family and is proud of it - or assume that one can't fall under the spell of sexy belly fat.

(pop, ping)
There is also my rueful acknowledgment, which doesn't really count among new lessons, that I utterly lack the ability to keep my head below the line of fire; the origins of my nom de blog.

And then there is the perennially valuable lesson: never ever quit drugs cold turkey, be they legal or illegal.

For well over a week now I have been in the throes of brain buzz; (zip, zap) forget about sleeping, and never mind reading, comprehension, or anything contemplative. All this would be the fuel of brillant intellectual genesis, if only I could slow the synapses down enough to engage in the activity instead of firing wildly and madly from one half-formed impulse to another.

(crackle, snap) Amazingly enough, it never occured to me that quitting Big Pharma one day cold (when I woke up and decided I was fed up with the ever-ballooning need for larger jeans ; Pharma = Phat) might lead to really unpleasant side effects. Perhaps that is indeed one of the other side effects of Big Pharma - since it smooths out anxiety and panic, why would one think about the potential nasties of quitting? After all, it's all good in the Pharmacopia.

CabinDweller was dumbfounded that I hadn't even googled for potential side effects (let alone consult with a doctor) before I just quit. But that would have required focused thought, which has been the root of the problem all along. (bzzzt, bzzzzt)

Seems like withdrawal can last anywhere from one week to seven. There's lots more unpleasant side effects than the brain quakes (as the literature calls them) - some of which I am now experiencing as well....

At least I think I am, but I can't really focus long enough to find out. (zap, zap, zap)

Seems like I can notch up another realized stereotype: the medicated friend who drives her friends nuts as she richochets from manic to depressive to manic again (" she' s off her meds again, time to let the calls go through to voice mail"). (snap, crackle, pop)


Ishmael said...

I'm guessing Paxil and Ritalin.

How close am I?

FlictheBic said...

not even close.

FlictheBic said...
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Super Smooth ANDY-G said...

Can't even imagine Flic, I can't imagine. I was battling the mild valarian root as a relaxant and didn't realize the effects of it till I took a week off. Ever have sharp painful headaches? Its like several needles stuck in the back of my brain with no way to pull 'em out.

FlictheBic said...

Hey speaking of which Super Smooth Andy-G, I am reading a memoir by a man who was lobotomized at the age of 12 - because his stepmother was abusive and wanted to "fix" him. He was lobotomized with essentially an ice pick that was slide into his frontal lobes through the back of his eye sockets - the practice of the time in 1960. How does he know? Because the doctor photographed the procedure - the man himself doesnt remember because well, he was lobotomized.

Theresa said...

Oh, my. Wish I could help. I've been wanting to read that memoir, but I forgot the title and the author.

Super Smooth ANDY-G said...

That sounds horrible, but the memoir sounds like something I have to read. You've got to bring it by or I have to get a hold of it.

Well, today, we can get many, many prescriptions for every ailment. I save my extras to use when I need them for something and because I don't want to pollute by flushing it down the toilet. Its an environmentally friendly way to dispose of my extra prescriptions.