Saturday, March 29, 2008

Seavey Wins All Alaska Sweepstakes!

Congratulations to Mitch Seavey, who overtook Jeff King after the Safety checkpoint 20-some miles from the finish, and will pocket $100,000.

Mackey, mushing's iron man with iron dogs in the last two years, finally faded several checkpoint earlier.

Seavey, by crossing the finish line 10 minutes ahead of King, saved the bacon of race organizers, who had really made a hash of communicating how the winner would be decided. Race rules stated one thing, another decision was made at a closed musher's meeting, then suddenly on Friday, they were back to time differentials and total time on the trail.

Jeff King, who finished behind Mackey in the 2008 Iditarod, once again had to settle for second place. He'll get $11,224.00 for that finish, which is the amount raised by Nome's 2008 AAS Queen, Janice Doherty. In yet another interesting wrinkle of this race, finishers after first are awarded prizes based on how much contestants in the AAS Queen contest raise, according to the table found on the AAS website:

1st Janice Doherty (Queen) $11,224.00 2nd Place
2nd Kristina Rasmussen-Hoffert $9,892.00 3rd Place
3rd Dana Sherman $6,441.00 4th Place
4th Tammy Gologergen $5,607.00 5th Place
5th Peggy Darling $5,437.00 6th Place
6th Meridith Ahmasuk $2,016.00 7th Place
7th Dora Hughes $435.00 8th Place
8th Katie Schobert $140.00 9th Place
9th. Myrna Outwater $100.00 10th Place

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