Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Meanwhile, Somewhere Else in America

Two Things I Did Not Expect to See Today

Sheep heads on shelf.

Don Young. In person.

While Flic is back east in McWorld, I find myself once again out in my favorite part of the 49th, Northwestern Alaska. Sadly, due to 10 minutes of photographic inadequacy, I failed to get a single picture of Mr. Young in action. Hence the photo saved off the web.

He does pretty well meeting with folks out here, telling lots of humorous anecdotes and such. He had the high school students entertained with a story about Libby Reynolds (sic) and Susan Busher (sic) and their pretty awesome victories during stormy Iditarods - particularly in desribing how Riddles ended up so far ahead the year she won that she stopped, built a fire, cleaned up and applied make up before hitting the finish chute. He fielded some pretty easy questions from the students, and then had to dash off to his next destination. He's hopping about northwest Alaska the next few days.

Guess he might think he actually has to campaign this time around, eh?


Drew said...

Hello, my name is Drew and I work for the Democrats; If I wanted to ask you some questions about what Don Young talked about, responses he got, etcetera, what would the best way to do that be?
My email is Drew@alaskademocrats.org and I will send you my telephone # over email if you'd like.
My first question is did Young say where he was going to be headed in the next couple days? (Since that's time sensitive I thought I'd ask it right off)


CabinDweller said...

Well, Drew -

I'm afraid I can't be much help to you. Young had mentioned his itinerary, Kivalina, Kotzebue, Noatak on Tuesday, on to Nome today and tomorrow. (My guess is he is there for the start of the All Alaska Sweepstakes.)