Thursday, May 04, 2006

Big Oil Propaganda Count: 3 in one hour.

Okay, now I'm beginning to get pissed off.

I type in my little post, get ready to logoff, and then Big Oil shows yet another version of the 'don't mess with the tax structure' propaganda. That is three since I turned on the idiot box one hour ago.

In this one, we get another Alaskan (dude with baseball cap and beard, very Anchorage- professional-looking type of person) ... and the message is this:

"The oil companies want to enlarge their workforce. You kids will be that workforce. Unless of course, you triple* the tax rate and put your childrens' future at risk."

And it ends with the same damned tag line: "Less is more."

UPDATE 5-5-06: Actually, the total (on the one station) in the hour was four, but I wasn't about to log on again.

*Bullshit! Tomorrow I'll link to some info on why this is a misrepresentation.

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