Monday, May 15, 2006

The Monday After

Dayum. It seems that the advent of summer is going to make it just hell to try to update this thing.

Saturday night, apparently, was Fairbanks Folks Tying One On Night. I had the fortune to attend some friends' annual party, eating, quaffing, and fortunately bailing out after a shot purportedly of sweet potato and Korean origin. I also missed the appearance of the cops and ambulance after an acquaintance got mean drunk and decked one of my friends.

Several of my coworkers also showed up this morning with tales of frolicking and the subsequent recovery period. So despite the usual fury about political idiocy, I just couldn't work up enough steam for a full-on rant.

Sunday consisted of sitting on the deck, grilling some caribou with jerk seasoning, and drinking some of those awful Mike's Hard Lemonades. Oh, and being sampled by the big slow mosquitos now in constant attendance.

I'm not going to watch Dubya's speech. With the Alaskan Lege done until the special session, in order to get my rant on I may have to go off state politics and dip my toes into the muck that is national politicking. Thing is, though, there are plenty of bloggers doing a fine job of dissecting and commenting upon such things and it will be largely an exercise to force myself to pay attention.

There is not, however, enough alcohol in my house for me to listen to a speech by Dubya.


FlictheBic said...

Well, now that is ancient history, I recognize the now-defunk wedding ring....

CabinDweller said...

Yeah. I thought about including a caption that said something like, "merely a photo to flash a gesture, not my actual hand, and the ring on that hand ain't there anymore either."