Monday, May 08, 2006

Blame it on the goose

First off, plans to be a diligent blogger and create a Big Oil Propaganda Drinking Game fell apart on Sunday afternoon, thanks to a combination of sunshine, the deck of my dumpy quaint cabin, the preparation of a speckled belly goose, and prodigious quantities of appletinis.

The plan? To come up with a drinking game based upon the ad campaign being waged by Big Oil to convince us not to change the tax structure.

Conditions were such on Sunday afternoon that the sacrifice of watching Squarebanks local television and composing the game was judged too great a burden for even the most outraged cabin dweller. So we skipped straight to the drinking on the warm, sunlight-exposed deck.

Friends who hunt had kindly given me a goose. I'd never cooked one before, so a Googling I went. It turns out the usual way to cook a goose involves an oven. However, as Marvin the intrepid landlord has not yet provided stove/oven... it was down to crockpotting (a less than suitable option on a sunny day) or the grill. provided an excellent recipe for a marinade.*

The Totals:
Beers consumed: 5
Goose 'cleaned': 1
Fresh goose received from cool, hunting friends: 3
Appletinis consumed: 14**
Cabin Dwellers present: 3
Dogs: 3
Persons in attendance residing in buildings not H20 challenged: 1
Playlist: Ska Cubano, various mix Cds, Kocani Orkesta
Additional foods consumed: jambalaya, organic green salsa, tortilla chips
* I'll post the recipe later. I need to get to work here at work.
** This is an estimation. No controls were in place to monitor appletini consumption, although it can be conservatively reckoned as prodigious.

Gratuitous puppy photo.

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