Thursday, May 04, 2006

Daylight is Upon Us, Let the season of manic activity begin!

Whee! The daylight is upon us!

It occurs to me that an Alaskan posting about the weather is probably as common as other folks blogging about what they had for dinner and posting pretty pictures of the food. (Not knocking it, it's just the jealousy showing as it has been a time of slim pickings thanks to my continuing stovelessness. You try to get excited about cooking when all you have is a two-burner hot plate.)

One of the drawbacks of Goldstream Valley cabin-dwelling is that although many cabins are cheap, many of the owners of said cabins qualify as rural slumlords. My cabin (cheap, yes, check) lacks a stove.* My landlord promises one, soon, really. He's getting to it. Of course, I had to finally trot out terms like 'fire hazard' and 'electrocution hazard' to get him to fix the bad wiring by the door.

Whoops. Digressing. Here is the gist** of it:

May 4, 2006



Actual Time 5:06 AM AKDT 10:31 PM AKDT
Civil Twilight 3:47 AM AKDT 11:52 PM AKDT
Nautical Twilight

Moon 9:55 AM AKDT 5:52 AM AKDT
Length Of Visible Light: 20h 04m
Length of Day
17h 24m
Tomorrow will be 7m 2s longer

Yes, that is 20 plus hours of daylight. Yee-ha! We're still gaining daylight until Solstice and this is what makes living here in the Mostly, But Not Entirely North so fantastic, that 100 percent natural drug, sunlight! Seriously, I don't know about the rest of you, but I am going run till I drop: fishing, hiking, drinking, grilling,*** canoeing, running, softballing, soccering and all the other things that one can cram into our blissful three months.

Except sleeping. Screw that. Sleeping is what we do after we finally drop from sheer exhaustion.

Which usually comes about fall-time.

*It also lacked insulation underneath, something I discovered in that lovely -50 cold spell in January. Too bad I didn't have a blog then, the whole world could have read about the joys of ripping out insulation and reinstalling it when it warmed up to 20 below and 26 below on separate days. But to whine about the weather costs on the Alaskan Cred, so I'll stop there.

** Eat your hearts out, non-Alaskans!

*** Not cooking, mind you, unless Marvin gets off his butt and gets me a stove.

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